Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is the Wolf River Greenway located?

A: The Wolf River Greenway, through the City of Memphis, extends from the north end of Mud Island, and heads East, arcing through the North Memphis neighborhoods of Frayser and Raleigh, to Kennedy Park. From there, the Greenway heads due south to Shelby Farms and then links with existing Greenway segments in Germantown. As of 2022, 14 miles of the 26-mile proposed trail system have been constructed.

Q: What is the purpose of the Greenway?

A: The Wolf River Greenway is a walking and bicycling trail that supports health and wellness, transportation by bike or by foot, outdoor education, and economic development.  The Greenway will be a 10-foot wide to 12-foot wide paved trail that is surrounded by lands that are to be conserved and protected for their natural resource values. Our local drinking water comes from an underground aquifer that interacts with the Wolf River. The Wolf RIver reenway trail enables us an organization to physically conenct people to the lands and waters that passivley nourish them and threir neighbors.

Q: Are there any rules or regulations for the greenway trail?

A: The Greenway trail is a City of Memphis Parks and Neighborhoods facility. Therefore the trail is open from dusk to dawn, following City of Memphis Park Facility hours. No internal combustion based motorized vehicles of any kind, other than those used for maintenance and public safety, are permitted on the Greenway trail. No hunting or firearms discharges are allowed along thr trail. You may see Conservancy of City of Memphis staff vehicles along the Greenway, performing inspections, or other related activities. These vehicles will have City of Memphis, Wolf River Greenway or Conservancy logos, green, white or amber strobe lights. You may additionally see construction contractor vehicles along the trail near sections under construction.

Q: Who is developing the Greenway?

A: The Wolf River Conservancy (WRC) in partnership with the City of Memphis Parks and Neighborhoods Division is developing the Memphis portion of the Greenway. The Wolf River Conservancy is an accredited land trust and a not-for-profit organization that is based in Memphis.

Q: How long is the Wolf River Greenway?

 A: The Memphis portion of the Greenway will be approximately 26 miles in length upon completion. As of January 2022, there are 13.85 miles of the 26 completed.

Q: Where can I currently access and use the Greenway? 

Currently Open For Use: Walnut Grove to City of Germantown – 4.1 miles

A: Currently, the Wolf River Greenway trail is open for use from the Shelby Farms Greenline to the City of Germantown along Humphreys/Wolf River Boulevard. Past Kirby Blvd, the trail becomes the Germantown Greenway and is managed by the City of Germantown. There are two ADA accessible trailhead parking areas along Humphreys Blvd, the Shady Grove Trailhead and Kirby Parkway Trailhead. As of 2019, there is a new entrance to the Wolf River Greenway across from the High Point Climbing and Fitness, at the intersection of Walnut Grove and Humphreys Blvd. The closest place to park to access the 270' cable stayed suspension bridge is street parking just past the fire station on North Numphreys Blvd.

Q: What are all the popping noises i hear past walnut grove?

A: The firing noises or loud booms sometimes heard on the section of trail past Walnut Grove comes from the Shelby County Sheriffs training compound located directly across the Wolf River on the southern portion of Shelby Farms. Officers use the property for firing practice and other explosives training. You may sometimes hear popping noises coming from the area.

Currently Open For Use: Epping Way - 2.7 Miles

A: The Wolf River Conservancy owns 138 acres along the Wolf River in north Memphis, where the Epping Way section of the Wolf River Greenway routes through. The property boasts a 25-acre lake for fishing and paddling, 1.1 miles of paved trails, and a working farm field. A 60-foot floating aluminum boat dock extends out on the lake for fishing, and serves as a launch for our paddling instruction programs. The Greenway winds along the scenic lake, and connects to a 1.1 mile protected bike lane along North Highland road to the west. The address of the property is 2630 Epping Way Drive, in Memphis, TN. There is a large trailhead sign and a turnaround with plenty of street parking near the trailhead entrance. There is an Memphis Police Department Skycop camera above the parking area and trailhead entrance for your safety.

Currently Open For Use: Hollywood/Mclean Cycle Track Sections - 3.3 Miles

A: There is a trailhead parking area for the Hollywood and McLean Cycle Track Sections located on the west side of N Hollywood Street, before you cross over the bridge over the Wolf River. The Hollywood section features 1.25 miles of paved trail on top of a levee through the Hyde Park neighborhood. There are numerous neighborhood connectors on this section and is a good route to school for those attending KIPP Memphis Academy Elementary. A neighborhood connector at the intersection of Belmont Circle/Shannon/Heard Avenue contains a bicycle repair station, and a water fountain with a lower, ground level water bowl for dogs. This trail section connects to the west to the McLean Cycle track, 2.1 miles of curb-delineated bicycle track running north and south along North McLean Blvd.

Currently Open For Use: Kennedy Park - 1.5 Miles

A: In close proximity to the Epping Way section, the Kennedy Park section of the Wolf River Greenway features 1.5 miles of scenic recreational trails running through a mature forest, bounding along the rolling hills and banks of the Wolf River. This section also includes six scenic bridges good for photo opportunities. The section has three access points, with two inside John F. Kennedy Park. The trailhead can be accessed from the road at 4332 Raleigh LaGrange Road. There is street parking at this entrance. There is additional vehicle and RV parking within the park at the other two access points.

Currently Open For Use: Mud Island Loop - 1.2 Miles

A: At the north end of Mud Island, one will find the beginning of the Wolf River Greenway Trail. Here 1.2 miles of paved trail connects to Greenbelt park along the Mississippi River. The trail begins at the end of Greenbelt park and extends in a 1.2 mile loop along the Wolf River and up atop a levee. Parking is available in the north Mud Island parking lot adjacent to the trailhead here.

Q: When will new phases of the Greenway be available to use? 

A: The WRC, City and County are currently working on opening new sections of the Greenway through a phased approach. The dates for completion are dependent on securing additional funding, weather, permitting and other lengthy construction processes. For more information, please contact the Community Conservation Manager.

Opened in 2017: 

Confluence Park to Second Street (downtown Memphis)

Kennedy Park (Raleigh neighborhood)   

Opened in 2018:

North Highland Avenue (Protected bicycle lane)( (north central Memphis)

Opened in 2019: 

Epping Way

Walnut Grove to TVA Powelines (west of Walnut Grove Road)

Opened in 2020:

McLean to Chelsea

Opened in 2021:

McLean to Hollywood

Shelby Farms Greenline to Wolf River Greenway East


Q: Who will own and manage the Greenway? 

A: The Greenway within the City of Memphis will be owned and managed by the City of Memphis. The WRC is assisting with the development of the Greenway trail and as sections are completed they will be turned over to the City for maintenance and management. A Governance, Operations and Maintenance manual is currently being prepared and will be adopted and implemented before any new sections of the Greenway are opened for public use. This manual describes in great detail how the City will govern, operate and maintain the Greenway that is located within the City limits. Past Kirby Blvd, the trail becomes the Germantown Greenway and is managed by the City of Germantown.

Q: I am concerned about public safety and use of the Greenway. What measures are being taken to ensure that the Greenway is safe to use?

A: The WRC and City of Memphis are employing many different strategies to ensure that the Greenway can be used safely. First, we are employing Crime Prevention through Environmental Design principles (CPTED) as we design and construct each phase of the Greenway. Second, we deploy and monitor trail security cameras, in strategic locations throughout the Greenway. We are also developing a wayfinding and signage system that will feature the City’s 311 system and the 911 emergency response system. The Greenway will have an address system so that law enforcement and emergency response can be conducted efficiently. Finally and most importantly, we believe that the Greenway will be an attraction for the city and will be utilized frequently by our residents and by visitors. Frequent use is the best way to keep the Greenway safe for everyone to use.

Additionally, the Wolf River Conservancy has launched the Greenway Ambassador program in November 2020, utilizing helpful volunteers with marked vests that will traverse the trail system and answer user questions, remove tree limbs/other trail obstructions, and lead community service events in their own neighborhoods along the Wolf River Greenway trail. You can look for an Ambassador wearing a bright green safety vest with the embroidered Wolf River Greenway logo.