Conservation at Home

Please scroll down to find links to information on water conservation, sustainable landscaping, energy conservation, creating wildlife habitat, native plants, pollinators, bats, birds, and ponds and wetlands. Althought this page is entitled "Conservation at Home," this information can also be applied at schools, commercial buildings, and other locations.

water conservation

Water Conservation Tips (Nat'l Geographic)

25 Ways to Conserve Water (Earth Easy)

Saving Water: Tips for Residential Use (Home Water Works)

Storm Water Problems and Solutions


Sustainable Landscaping

Native Plant Finder (NWF)

Designing Our Future: Sustainable Landscapes (ASLA - videos)

Designing Our Future: Sustainable Landscapes (ASLA - case studies)

An Overview of Sustainable Landscaping Practices (Clemson)

Water Quality and the Home Landscape (UConn)


Energy Conservation

Energy Saving Tools (Memphis Light,Gas, and Water)

Conserving Energy in Your Home (National Wildlife Federation)

Energy and the Environment (EPA)

151 Ways to Save Energy (Conserve Energy Future)


Creating Wildlife Habitat

Creating Wildlife Habitat (National Wildlife Federation)

Native Plant Finder (NWF)

Working Lands for  Wildlife (NRCS)

Native Plants Database (Audubon)


Native Plant Resources

Tennessee Native Plant Society

Tennessee Exotic Pest Plant Council

Landscaping with the Native Plants of Tennessee

Native Plant Alternatives to Exotics

Native Plant Finder (NWF)

Native Plants Database (Audubon)

GroWild, Inc.

Missouri Wildflowers, Inc.

Roundstone Native Seed Co.

Strawberry Plains Audubon Center

Bringing Nature Home


Butterflies, Bees, and Other Pollinators

The Xerces Society

National Butterfly Association

Million Pollinator Garden Challenge

Pollinator Partnership

How Gardeners Can Help Pollinators (NRCS)

Monarch Joint Venture

Monarch Watch 

Monarch Sightings (Journey North)

Butterfly Heroes (NWF)


Bats and bat Houses

Bat Conservation International (bat information, bat house plans and suppliers)

BCI Bat House Information

GrowEco (local bat resource website)

Organization for Bat Conservation

White Nose Syndrome Information

USGS National Wildlife Health Center

USFWS White Nose Syndrome on Facebook


Birds: Habitat, Nest Boxes, citizen Science

Tennessee Ornithological Society, Memphis Chapter

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Attracting Birds (Cornell)

Attracting Birds (NWF)

Right Bird, Right House (Cornell Nestwatch)

All About Birdhouses (Cornell Nestwatch)

Woodworking for Wildlife (TWRA)


Great Backyard Bird Count

Project Feederwatch

Native Plants Database (Audubon)