Remembering Volunteer Fred Bromm

   Fred on the Wolf River.

In mid-September, our River Guide program was impacted by the death of a very dedicated volunteer for the Conservancy and one of our own members, Mr. Fred Bromm. Fred’s initial contact with the WRC was in January of 2016 when he volunteered to assist on one of the Conservancy clean-up projects. From that point on, Fred was a frequent participant at a variety of events including our annual Tree Planting, various community service events and assisting in our Greenway Soiree. In 2018, Fred applied to participate in our River Guide program and was a part of it until his death.  

Fred spent his early life in the Detroit, Michigan, area where he participated in scouting and multiple school sports. He excelled in wrestling becoming the best wrestler in his junior year of high school. After school, Fred worked in a number of different areas including an automotive plant, as well as becoming a licensed plumber. Upon leaving Detroit and before coming to Memphis, Fred spent a couple of years in Washington, DC. In Washington, he became a local tour guide. In this position, he reinforced his love of history and began to cultivate his caring and helpful attitude towards others. He brought this attitude to his position on our River Guide team.

In our program, Fred was always to willing to assist in any manner that he could and interacted well with all paddle participants. He will be much missed by all who knew him. 

In the group photo below, Fred is in the back making rabbit ears: 


  Fred (upper left) as a Cub Scout.

Posted by Cathy Justis at 11:32 AM