Our thanks to Buckman for its support of the Wolf River Conservancy Education Program and the development of our online education resources.

education programming: Please use this link for online programming options and other resources

A vital part of the Wolf River Conservancy’s mission is to educate members of the community about the Wolf River and its value as a natural, educational and recreational resource.  We are committed to providing quality educational programming to people of all ages, and especially to young people, the future stewards of the Wolf River as well as our local and global environment.  

Teachers and administrators looking for information on programming for SCHOOLS, please follow this link.

Besides providing educational activities such as lectures and nature walks for our members, we offer flexible programming to accommodate as much as possible the needs of any group in our community - from pre-schools and kindergartens to high schools and universities to garden clubs and churches - offering indoor programs, outdoor field trips and service projects. We also periodically offer adult educator workshops such as Project WET.  We talk to hundreds of people every year about, for example, the value of our wetlands, and the connection between the Wolf River and our public drinking water.