Ideas and Solutions

Install a Rain Barrel

People have captured rainwater for thousands of years.  Installing a rain barrel is a simple way to conserve water for use in our gardens and yards.  Rain barrels  are commercially available and are also very easy to build. Follow this link to download instructions for rain barrel construction and installation. Many other ideas and plans are available online.

More information is available at this link:

Create a Rain Garden

Rain gardens help to store and filter storm water runoff, thus improving both the quantity and the quality of storm water entering our waterways.  When planted with water tolerant native plants, a rain garden can also provide habitat for birds and butterflies, as well as a beautiful and educational resource for the community. Follow this link for more information on creating a rain garden.

More information is available at this link:


There is a variety of landscaping techniques which can improve storm water runoff and provide drainage solutions to homeowners.  Use the following links for more information.

Montgomery County Rainscapes Video