Protect Land

Landowners have a deep connection to their land and know the gifts that undeveloped properties provide their communities: clean air and water, food and fiber, wildlife habitat, aquifer recharge, and sheer scenic beauty. 

Wolf River Conservancy is a nationally accredited land trust and local non profit established in 1985 to help landowners protect their lands along the Wolf River. Only 25% of land trusts are nationally accredited through the Land Trust Alliance (Click here for more info), which means we meet the highest and best standards and practices for a land trust. You may ask, What is a land trust?  ANSWER: A land trust is a nonprofit organization that, as all or part of its mission, actively works with landowners and the community to conserve land for the benefit of the public. 

Following a comprehensive land conservation plan, the Conservancy has strategically protected 18,000 acres so far in the Wolf River Watershed.  Learn more about our land conservation focus... or read below how you can protect your land.

Landowner Options

Place a Conservation Easement on your Property

A conservation easement is a great way to protect your property's scenic, wetland and other conservation values in perpetuity, while still enabling you and your heirs to own and manage it.

QUALIFICATIONS:  (1) You own property in the Mid-South area (Counties:  Shelby, Fayette, Hardeman, Tipton, or southern Lauderdale or Haywood in TN or Desoto, Marshall, Benton, Tippah, or Alcorn in MS; and/or within the following Watersheds:  Wolf River, Coldwater River, Hatchie River, or Loosahatchie River).  (2)  You are interested in protecting the scenic, natural, or wetland values on your property. 

PROCESS:  Contact the Director of Land Conservation, Ryan Hall, at  For more details, follow this link.

Donate or sell your Property

There are specific instances where the Conservancy can purchase or accept donation of property.

QUALIFICATIONS:  (1) You own property in Shelby or Fayette County in TN; AND (2) your property has Wolf River frontage or is adjacent to Conservancy or State-owned property.  Extenuating circumstances may apply for donation of land, such as property in the Mid-South area as defined in conservation easement section above. 

Conservation Buyer

Are you looking to purchase a recreational property for agricultural production, timber management, and/or private hunting, fishing, and camping?  Consider purchasing and placing a conservation easement on the property for protection and tax purposes.  

Alternatively, Wolf River Conservancy owns property available for purchase.  These properties will be restricted via a conservation easement or deed restrictions to protect the high conservation values on the property.

Life estate

You may currently own a property or be looking to purchase a conservation property.  Consider donating the property to Wolf River Conservancy through a life estate.  This gives you the freedom to utilize the property as you wish in your lifetime and protects the conservation values for future generations.

If you are interested in any of the above methods of protecting your land, contact the Director of Land Conservation, Ryan Hall, at

Being accredited means we follow the highest and best standards and practices for land conservation and maintains the upmost integrity as a nonprofit.  Following these standards and practices, Wolf River Conservancy conserves land in and adjacent to the Wolf River watershed, helping to guide development away from critical aquifer recharge areas and protect sensitive habitats fo future generations.