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The Land Trust for Tennessee Needs Your Feedback

What Places in Tennessee Matter to You? Our partner, The Land Trust for Tennessee, conserves farms, parks, forests, historic sites and natural, open space across the state.  You can help this nonprofit organization further their work by answering just a few simple questions!    Read More
Posted by Matt Winemiller at Monday, September 24, 2018

Natural Highlights: Big Brown Bat

  Big Brown Bat The Big Brown Bat ( Eptesicus fuscus ) is larger than most of the other bat species in the Midsouth, but it is hardly intimidating, weighing in at 32-35 grams, or a little over an ounce.  According to bat expert, Chris Grow, the Big Brown is one of the species most likely to utilize a bat box here in the Memphis area, along with the Eastern Red Bat ( Lasiurus borealis ) . Our Midsouth bats eat only insects, and lots of them, hundreds every hour, using their... Read More
Posted by Cathy Justis at Sunday, July 29, 2018

Volunteers Step Up in January

  Andrew and Mallory Halliburton 40 volunteers including Buffalo Soldiers, MPD officers, and staff from the Shelby County District Attorney General's office, worked at Kennedy Park on the Martin Luther King Day of Service on Jan.16th.   Thanks again to Wayne Roberts for his continued assistance in leading our Kennedy Park projects! Andrew and Mallory Halliburton - a father-daughter team -  enthusiastically cleared privet at the Lucius Burch trailhead on... Read More
Posted by Cathy Justis at Monday, January 30, 2017

Hands-On Conservation with Citizens of All Ages

     Many thanks to the Webelos from Scout Troop 457, the Cordova Elementary School Robotics Club, the environmental science students and staff from Raleigh Egypt High School, and other adult volunteers who joined us in service projects during the first two weeks of December!    On Saturday morning, Dec. 10th,  several Webelos and their parents (Troop 457), and volunteers Natasha and Marcus Mayton attacked the privet near the trail... Read More
Posted by Cathy Justis at Tuesday, December 20, 2016

43 Acre North Fork Property Protected

North Fork Beauty While the Wolf River is well-known to Mid-South residents, many are unfamiliar with its largest tributary – the North Fork Wolf River or North Fork for short.  Moscow, TN, refers to itself as the “City Between Two Rivers”  because it is located at the convergence of the North Fork with the larger Wolf River. Covering more than 80,000 acres, the North Fork sub-watershed is a substantial feature within the larger Wolf River... Read More
Posted by Cathy Justis at Monday, December 19, 2016

Natural Highlights: Native Hollies

  Winterberry       Possumhaw The hollies native to the southeastern U.S. make wonderful additions to the home landscape while supporting our local ecosystem. Some are deciduous and some are evergreen, all have inconspicuous yellowish-green flowers which are either male or female, and all produce fruits which are technically "drupes"  but are commonly called berries.  Native holly berries are an important source of food for... Read More
Posted by Cathy Justis at Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Fall Service Projects Improve Habitat, Trash and Trails

    THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE WONDERFUL INDIVIDUALS AND ORGANIZATIONS FOR THEIR HELP IN PRESERVING THE WONDER OF THE WOLF! Oct. 28 - AT&T volunteers   made huge progress on the boardwalk trail at Kennedy Park, removing hundreds of pounds of rotten wood and trash.  This clears the way for an Eagle Scout to come in and finish the boardwalk.  Oct. 29  - Halloween Bat House Project at Lovitt Woods - Thanks to the... Read More
Posted by Cathy Justis at Saturday, November 19, 2016

Report from the 2016 Land Trust Alliance Rally

     Land Trust Alliance - Rally 2016 - by Ryan Hall, WRC Land Protection Associate Upon my arrival in Minneapolis, it was 40 degrees colder than in Memphis.  This temperature shock would not be the last surprise at the Land Trust Alliance Rally - the 2016 National Land Conservation Conference - from Oct. 28-30.      . In the conference sessions, land trusts from across North America shared their successes, difficulties, new... Read More
Posted by Cathy Justis at Thursday, November 17, 2016

Five Star Habitat Projects with SGIS and Kingsbury Students

    SGIS students On Oct. 21st, 9 eighth graders from St. George's Independent School (SGIS) joined WRC staff at Lovitt Woods to clear privet on a beautiful fall morning.  Working cooperatively and energetically, the kids accumulated a huge pile of cut privet in just a couple of hours. THANK YOU!      Before and after The Kingsbury High School garden club met WRC staff after school on Oct. 25th to continue the transformation of the... Read More
Posted by Cathy Justis at Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Monarch Butterfly Programs Get Great Response

    On Aug. 22nd, Cora Lund Preston of the group Monarch Joint Venture traveled all the way from the University of Minnesota, where the program is based, to Memphis to share her knowledge of monarch butterflies with interested members of the Midsouth community. After an excellent all-day workshop on monarch butterfly biology for which every spot was filled,  a large crowd of 90 or so people turned out for Cora's evening lecture entitled... Read More
Posted by Cathy Justis at Monday, August 29, 2016

Intern Spotlight: Nathan Campbell Shares His Story

As a college student, I am surrounded by some of the brightest young adults in the country. Whenever people ask these bright individuals about their future goals, I hear them talk of ambitious aspirations of becoming lawyers pursuing criminal justice reform, doctors focusing on degenerative diseases, or engineers building rockets for SpaceX. But whenever anyone has asked me that question, I mumble through a mostly incoherent answer and attempt to change the topic as quickly as possible.... Read More
Posted by Cathy Justis at Tuesday, June 28, 2016

WRC-TDEC Partnership Results in Protected Land and Improved River Access at Bateman

WRC is proud to announce two important projects resulting from our longstanding partnership with the Division of Natural Areas at Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC).  These projects enhance the latter part of the Ghost River section at the Bateman access. First, 28.5 acres fronting the Wolf River and bordering Ghost River State Natural Area are now protected.  Though relatively small in size, this important property was... Read More
Posted by Cathy Justis at Tuesday, June 28, 2016

"Keeping it Wild" - The Commercial Appeal 5.22.16

"Keeping it Wild" - The Commercial Appeal front page story in Sunday edition, May 22, 2016, and accompanying video. Learn more about our recent land conservation efforts and support from Ring Container Technologies. CA Story: CA Vimeo: Read More
Posted by Kelsey Hamilton at Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Weed Wrangle at Lovitt Woods Draws Hard-working Volunteers

     Our thanks to the volunteers who joined us at Lovitt Woods on Sat., Jan. 23rd, for the Memphis Weed Wrangle, a new statewide event focused on exotic invasive plants. This energetic group cleared invasive privet choking the understory of the forest, getting a lot of work done in just a few hours!  Removing the privet and providing more light to the forest floor will allow the canopy trees to regenerate over time.  Native understory trees and shrubs will also be... Read More
Posted by Cathy Justis at Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tax Incentives Made Permanent for Conservation Easement Donations

On December 18, in a strong bipartisan action, the Senate voted 65-33 to pass the bill that will make the tax incentive for conservation easement donations permanent. This follows the 318-109 vote in the House. This legislation has been a priority for the Land Trust Alliance (LTA) for a decade, and it represents a huge win for conservation, for landowners and for the land trust community. Now that the President has signed this bill into law, the incentive will be applied retroactively to start... Read More
Posted by Cathy Justis at Friday, December 18, 2015

Ring Container Technologies Commits $500,000 to WRC

Ring Container Technologies Commits $500,000 to Wolf River Conservancy Challenge grant will help deliver on organization’s conservation mission Oakland, Tenn.-based Ring Container Technologies has structured a $500,000 Challenge Grant with the Wolf River Conservancy to help purchase and preserve pristine wetlands bordering Shelby and Fayette Counties in Tenn., with additional funds raised to support the organization’s mission of conservation. The major announcement was made at the Wolf... Read More
Posted by Kelsey Hamilton at Tuesday, September 29, 2015

WRC Earns National Recognition by Land Trust Accreditation Commission

Wolf River Conservancy Earns National Recognition by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission Elite designation awarded to fewer than twenty percent of land trusts in the United States MEMPHIS, Tenn. – August 5, 2015 – The Wolf River Conservancy today announced it has achieved land trust accreditation from the Land Trust Accreditation Commission, an independent program of the Land Trust Alliance. This honor follows an approximate 27-month process of extensive Land Trust Standards and... Read More
Posted by Kelsey Hamilton at Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Protecting Sanderlin's Bluff

In the Raleigh area of Memphis lies a gem of nature and lore. Rising from the Wolf River, the area known as Sanderlin’s Bluff provides wildlife and humans alike a quiet retreat from the urban environs. Atop the bluff, natural springs can still be found bubbling with clean water. While many of the springs have been lost over time, the few that remain offer a glimpse back to a time when Raleigh Springs was a resort town for those seeking its healing spring water.   Large beech tree... Read More
Posted by Cathy Justis at Sunday, July 26, 2015

Spring Service Projects and Raft Trips for Kids

Students from Freedom Prep Academy, Kirby High School, Kate Bond Middle School, and Memphis University School have all worked on habitat restoration projects under WRC's FedEx Five Star Grant.  Most students continued work at the Lucius Burch trailhead area, clearing privet and preparing beds for native plants.  They also rotated through a variety of instructional stations on environmental topics such as the watershed model presented by Clean Memphis. Soulsville Charter School and... Read More
Posted by Cathy Justis at Monday, May 25, 2015

Natural Highlights: Green Treefrog

  One of the most easily observed treefrogs in West Tennessee is the Green Treefrog ( Hyla cinerea ) which makes a distinctive quank call on warm spring nights. The males tend to gather in huge clusters and create a deafening chorus in hopes of attracting more females.  The beautiful bright green color with a yellow racing stripe down the sides is unmistakable.  This species is usually very easy to see and to hear on the Mineral Slough boardwalk during our annual Frog... Read More
Posted by Cathy Justis at Friday, May 22, 2015

An Evening of Conservation at Bass Pro Shops at the Pyramid

The Wolf River Conservancy was invited to attend the opening night at the Bass Pro Shops for their Evening of Conservation on Wednesday, April 29th.  Ryan Hall and Kelsey Hamilton, WRC Staff Members, spoke with interested guests and visitors about our conservation efforts and the importance of preserving and protecting the Wolf River and its watershed.  Photo credit: Joe Sills, Fishing Tackle Retailer Read More
Posted by Kelsey Hamilton at Friday, May 22, 2015

WRC's Faith in Action Clean Up Projects

WRC staff teamed up with Buckman and Nexair employees to clean up a stretch of N. McLean on April 10th. The results: 45 bags of trash and 40 tires; 25 volunteers.   On April 18th, we worked with another great group of 16 volunteers at our Gerber property on Mud Island, cleaning up 45 bags of trash and 75 tires.   And on April 25th, a hardy group of 12 volunteers attacked some huge piles of trash at Epping Way.  The results:  25 bags of trash, 220 tires, 5... Read More
Posted by Cathy Justis at Monday, April 27, 2015

FedEx Volunteers Lend a Hand on April 8th

   A large group of FedEx volunteers helped with Wolf River Conservancy habitat restoration projects on April 8th as part of the FedEx-National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Five Star Grant.  The volunteers began preparing butterfly beds and planted native trees at the Lucius Burch trailhead area, and at Lovitt Woods they installed a long row of bluebird houses and 2 large bat boxes with the help of volunteer Jim Waldron.  They also cleared privet and planted native... Read More
Posted by Cathy Justis at Monday, April 27, 2015

Volunteer Spotlight: Jim Waldron

           The Wolf River Conservancy wishes to express its gratitude to Jim Waldron who has devoted many hours and resources to building and placing nest boxes for birds and bats along the Wolf River.  Jim is an expert builder of nest boxes, having built and installed hundreds over the years, and both his skills and his equipment have been invaluable in enhancing wildlife habitat. As a volunteer for WRC, he has assisted FedEx volunteers with... Read More
Posted by Cathy Justis at Monday, April 27, 2015

Natural Highlights: Red Buckeye

       The red buckeye (Aesculus pavia) is a beautiful small deciduous tree with red tubular flowers sought by hummingbirds as they migrate north in the spring. The large shiny seeds are commonly called buckeyes and they are avoided by most wildlife because they are toxic.  The large, palmately compound leaves are somewhat tropical looking, with five leaflets at the end of each stem. Red buckeye trees are always a pleasure to encounter in the forest, and make a... Read More
Posted by Cathy Justis at Thursday, April 23, 2015

10th Annual Wolf River Conservancy Tree Planting A Success

The Wolf River Conservancy hosted our 10th Annual Tree Planting on Saturday March 28th at Shelby Farms Park. Over 350 volunteers came out and braved the not-so spring like temperature to plant over 10,000 trees that morning. A big thank you to our presenting sponsor, International Paper, and our other sponsors: Brother International, Little Garden Club, Memphis Garden Club, Darden Foundation, and Super Tree Seedlings. We would like to also thank the Memphis Grizzlies, Mayor Luttrell, West... Read More
Posted by Kelsey Hamilton at Monday, March 30, 2015

Wolf River Lands: Photos from the Field

  "Being the Land Protection Associate for Wolf River Conservancy definitely has its perks. Each year, I am responsible for inspecting all of our conservation easement and fee-owned lands. These inspections are necessary to ensure conservation values of our protected lands are unhindered from prohibited activities such as illegal dumping, poaching, or other abuse of land. Thankfully these violations are often isolated, allowing me to enjoy the Wonder of the Wolf"  -- Ryan Hall,... Read More
Posted by Cathy Justis at Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Natural Highlights: Wintering Monarchs

  You won't see any Monarch Butterflies in the Midsouth area this time of year.  Right now, the eastern Monarch population is concentrated on a few hectares of mountain forest in central Mexico.  The latest update shows a slight increase in the area occupied by wintering butterflies from last year, from .67 to 1.13 hectares. By comparison, as recently as 2002, butterflies covered 9.35 hectares.   This winter's slightly better numbers are still extremely low and... Read More
Posted by Cathy Justis at Friday, February 20, 2015