A Day on the River with ICU Nurses

On Thursday, October 22, five of our WRC River Guides escorted 5 ICU nurses down the Ghost section of the Wolf River. For most of them, this was their first opportunity to be away from their occupation since late February. 

The guests included Wendy, Christie, Meredith, Bryan and Laurel. Many were first time paddlers and took quickly to the slow and relaxing rhythms of nature around them and the water below. Compliments about the beauty of the Wolf River, the refreshing qualities of being outside in nature and the restorative advantages of being away from the hospital environment were communicated during the entire 6 hour trip. 

River Guides were Chris Austin, Paul Deaton, Mary Finley, Marc Sherman and Jim Gafford.  Thanks to you all, and thank you to all of our health care workers and first responders!


Posted by Cathy Justis at 1:13 PM