A Good Night for Frogs


June 3rd was a busy day for Wolf River Conservancy, with both Cycle the Greenway and a First Saturday paddle trip during the day, and our annual Frog Chorus Walk that night at the Mineral Slough boardwalk near LaGrange.

This was actually the second frog walk of the year.  The first, on May 20th, took place despite a high chance of storms, and was a pleasant evening after all, with several adventurous participants and a few glimpses of frogs among the leaves.  The June 3rd frog walk was outstanding in every way! Both weather and frogs cooperated to provide a great show for 30+ humans, some of whom wanted to stay late and absorb as many nighttime sights and sounds as possible.  The Bird-voiced Treefrogs were readily visible in the swamp alder shrubs next to the boardwalk, calling loudly to attract females. Other species could be heard a bit farther away: Green Treefrogs, Cricket Frogs, Bullfrogs, Green Frogs.  

A group of very excited students from Aspire Coleman Elementary School were brought by their inspired teachers to experience nature at its best.  Not only did they see and hear frogs, they also discovered newly spun spider webs reflecting the light from their flashlights, crayfish crawling under the shallow swamp water, a snake half hidden under a shrub, fireflies lighting up the dark, and a barred owl hooting in the distance.  Their night of adventure in the swamp is something these kids aren't likely to forget!

Posted by Cathy Justis at 2:12 PM