A Stroll Along the Greenway Arboretum

15 people joined WRC Director of Outreach, Jim Gafford, for an easy stroll along the Wolf River Greenway Arboretum trail on Sat., Dec. 10th. The interactive, educational walk included Conservancy staff and members, volunteers for the WRC Ambassador and River Guide programs, and members of the general public.  The group spent just under two hours enjoying the beautiful December afternoon and discussing the natural features of this section of the Greenway, starting the walk in a counterclockwise direction around the watery "borrow pit"  and stopping at each labeled tree specimen to discuss its most interesting aspects during the winter, e.g.,the bareness of the bald cypress trees, the ghostly white bark of the sycamores and the tendency of the Pawpaw to colonize as the tree starts to rest after 8 months of aggressive photosynthesis.  

Keep an eye on our activity calendar for more such walks on the Greenway in 2018.  The Wolf River Greenway Arboretum is a Level One Arboretum with 30 labeled tree species.  You can find a guide to the arboretum here.

Posted by Cathy Justis at 9:36 AM