April 2021: A Message from Our Director

Dear Friend,

The first Earth Day celebration was held in1970.  Since then, over 190 countries now recognize Earth Day and use it as an opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of protecting the natural resources of our planet.  Earth Day is now also an international organization with a global mission to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide.  

You should not be surprised to learn that the work of the Wolf River Conservancy at a local level has much in common with that of the Earth Day organization.  For example, both the Earth Day organization and the Wolf River Conservancy support the following goals:

Conservation/Restoration: Earth Day seeks to protect and restore biodiversity. The Wolf River Conservancy has protected 18,000 acres since 1985 in order to protect our clean drinking water and our wild biodiversity.  We continue to make land conservation our first priority.  Our board remains committed to continuing our efforts to protect wetlands and floodplains for the benefit of future generations.

The Great Global Cleanup: Earth Day promotes clean ups around the world. During the recent Wolf River Restoration Series, the Conservancy led several clean up projects in our community. As more people get vaccinated, we look forward to doing more of them!

Education and Action Resources: Earth Day provides a variety of environmental education resources especially for students.  Likewise, since the founding of the Conservancy, providing environmental education to all ages has been an important component of our mission. Educating young people today about the importance of protecting our natural environment is more important than ever.

People and Communities: Earth Day promotes connecting people and communities in a variety of manners. As the Conservancy continues the Wolf River Greenway project traversing 22 neighborhoods in the City of Memphis, we are excited about the new and different ways we can connect with each other and the impact that it can have on our shared community.  Here’s a great one: You can explore the Wolf River Greenway while also supporting our conservation mission by signing up for Discover the Greenway!

At the Wolf River Conservancy, we truly believe that Earth Day is e very day. Your support of the Wolf River Conservancy through events such as Discover the Greenway also supports the larger vision and mission of Earth Day. Thank you, and please visit our Activity Calendar to view our upcoming activities.

Keith Cole

Executive Director


Posted by Cathy Justis at 3:13 PM