Bradford Pears: A Conservation Headache

As many of you know, invasive plant species disrupt native ecosystems.  Along the Wolf River, we are noticing an increasingly bad invasive tree taking over the edges of woodlands, openings within forests, and old fields.  Bradford Pears and their Frankenstein offspring, Callery Pears, are currently blooming white, so identification this time of year is especially easy.  Do you have a Bradford pear in your yard?  Consider removing it and replacing it with a native tree or shrub from the approved list created by the Memphis Tree Board. You'll find it at this link.  If you want to cut down an invasive pear tree, please wear gloves and watch out for large thorns!

Here is a slow motion video Ryan Hall took of a larger Callery Pear he cut down at Epping Way:


Posted by Cathy Justis at 4:34 PM