Buckman Braves the Cold on MLK Day of Service

On the morning of Martin Luther King Day, Jan. 15th, a big group of volunteers from Buckman refused to be outdone by the cold and the snow on the ground. A total of 54 people (34 adults,19 children, and one Wolf River Conservancy staff member) pitched in to improve the outdoor classroom area at Springdale Elementary.  They removed and replaced all the dirt in the raised beds in order to make some repairs, cut back dead plants, created a small compost bin, erected birdfeeders and a bird house, and removed turf grass where needed to make room for native shrubs in the spring.  The kids enjoyed making pine cone birdfeeders, spreading shortening on pine cones before rolling them in bird seed and hanging them up on the bushes. The outdoor classroom is now ready for warm weather activities like planting and painting, all for the benefit of the students at Springdale who enjoyed the butterflies, catepillars and hummingbirds they were able to see in the outdoor area last year.  Great job, everyone, and thank you to Buckman for its support of Springdale and the Wolf River Conservancy Education Program! 





Posted by Cathy Justis at 7:45 PM