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February 2017 ENEWSLETTER
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Dear Wolf River Conservancy partner:

The Wolf River Conservancy mission remains “the protection and enhancement of the Wolf River and its watershed as a sustainable natural resource."  Since 1985, through the successful completion of numerous land conservation projects, we have protected over 16,000 acres within our watershed.  For some people, however, the concept of land conservation may seem somewhat abstract and not always easily understood.

To help explain what land conservation means, I often ask people if they have paddled the Ghost River section.  Most members of our community have certainly heard of the Ghost River, regardless of whether they have experienced, first-hand, this beautiful section of the Wolf River.  But for those who have had the pleasure of paddling the Ghost River or simply visiting the area, the significance of the Conservancy’s leadership in 1995 to rescue and protect the 4000 plus acres now known as the Ghost River State Natural Area and the Wolf River Wildlife Management Area is quite real indeed, as is the need for land conservation in general.

The Wolf River Conservancy also protects and enhances our watershed through habitat restoration projects such as tree plantings. On Saturday morning, February 25th, over 500 volunteers gathered with WRC staff at Shelby Farms Park – which is also in the Wolf River watershed - to contribute their efforts to our very successful 12th Annual Tree Planting event.

While the Wolf River Conservancy facilitates volunteer and service projects throughout the year, this annual event has become our premier volunteer event, providing a wonderful gathering of people from large and small businesses, church groups, colleges, and other groups and individuals committed to the treasure that we know as the Wolf River and its watershed.  Our tree planting event showcases the community’s support for our mission.

Approximately 500 dogwoods and other native trees were planted, most of them along Hester Road which runs parallel to Walnut Grove Road. Other volunteers helped remove exotic invasive Bradford Pear trees near the planting site.  

Our Presenting Sponsors, International Paper and FedEx, provided both financial and significant volunteer support with over 100 combined volunteers. Gold Sponsor Brother International  also provided financial and volunteer support to our event. Our new benefactor, the Crawford-Howard Private Foundation, was also a Gold Sponsor. 

Bronze sponsors for this year’s event included the Memphis Garden Club, the Little Garden Club, and the Indian Community Fund for Greater Memphis .  We wish to say THANK YOU again to all of our sponsors for their outstanding partnership and commitment.

Thank you also to the Tennessee Urban Forestry Council, West Tennessee Chapter, which provided volunteers to supervise and assist others with planting the trees, and to all the many people who volunteered their time to serve our community!

Please visit for all of our latest activities. Thanks!

Keith Cole
Executive Director

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