Good Luck to Conservancy Intern, Bailey Choudhury!

Bailey Choudhury has been interning with the Conservancy since January.  We wish her lots of luck on her next adventure in Vermont.  Many thanks, Bailey!  Read more from Bailey below:

"Hi there! I’m Bailey, a senior environmental science major at Rhodes College and the current intern at the Conservancy. I have been working with the Conservancy since January, primarily in land stewardship activities. However, as the only intern in the office, I float between a lot of different positions. During my time with the WRC, I have been able to experience a wide variety of jobs and tasks. From wetland preservation to grant application to land acquisition, my roles have been a wonderful way to actively participate in conservation. As I continue on to Vermont Law in the fall of 2018 to pursue a career in environmental policy and conservation, I am extremely grateful for both the knowledge and skills I have gained while working at the WRC."

Posted by Cathy Justis at 8:51 PM