Grace Kasper, Our Youngest Donor!

   Grace Kasper

Let me introduce you to Grace Kasper, one of our newest donors, certainly our youngest, and among the most generous and unselfish supporters we have had the pleasure to meet in quite a while!

You see, Grace is 7 years old and in the first grade at St. Mary’s Episcopal School, and she recently celebrated her birthday.  For her birthday party this year, Grace decided that, instead of store-bought presents, she would ask her friends to bring donations for the Wolf River Conservancy.  That’s right – no colorful boxes and bows for Grace; she wanted to show her support for environmental conservation by donating over $300 to the Wolf River Conservancy in August!

Needless to say, upon hearing of Grace’s generosity, the WRC staff invited Grace and her mother, Kimberly, for an office visit to show our appreciation.  It was wonderful to meet them both and to thank them in person!

There is a growing body of evidence that when children perform  “acts of kindness” such as philanthropic giving, both the children and society benefit.

We want to thank Grace again for her generosity, and for the important reminder of the value of our work to all of the children in the Wolf River watershed.  We promise to keep delivering on our mission to protect and enhance the Wolf River watershed as a sustainable natural resource - so that it remains just as wonderful when Grace is all grown up.

We appreciate all of our supporters, and especially Grace!

  Grace with Kelsey Hamilton and Keith Cole of the Conservancy.


Posted by Cathy Justis at 3:35 PM