Hands-On Conservation with Citizens of All Ages


Many thanks to the Webelos from Scout Troop 457, the Cordova Elementary School Robotics Club, the environmental science students and staff from Raleigh Egypt High School, and other adult volunteers who joined us in service projects during the first two weeks of December!   

On Saturday morning, Dec. 10th,  several Webelos and their parents (Troop 457), and volunteers Natasha and Marcus Mayton attacked the privet near the trail into Lucius Burch Natural Area, accumulating a large pile of branches which became a source of fun for the kids later in the morning.  At exactly the same time, another Five Star-funded service project took place at Cordova Elementary School where bat specialist Chris Grow of Ensafe, Inc., worked with Laura Smith and her Robotics Club students to install four bat houses built by the kids and their parents using plans from the Bat Conservation International website (  Also, on the afternoon of the 10th, Pam Jones, a garden enthusiast, braved the cold to help us winterize the butterfly beds in the Lucius Burch trailhead parking lot.

On Monday, Dec.12th, 75 middle and high school students from Raleigh Egypt High School continued the work on the Lucius Burch privet project and did a great job with the able leadership of Kristi Duckworth.  They also rotated through three educational stations focused on water quality and ecology led by WRC's Cathy Justis, Jenna Richardson from Clean Memphis, and Sharon Gordon and Sonia Holmes from City of Memphis Storm Water Program.   

Approximately 1/2 acre of large privet has been cleared from the woods in the Lucius Burch area thanks to the efforts of volunteers.  It will be interesting to see what trees and other plants pop up in the spring now that sunlight can reach the forest floor!  We also look forward to seeing pollinating insects in the butterfly beds and, hopefully, roosting bats in the new bat houses.  Most of our volunteer-powered service projects are funded by the FedEx-NFWF Five Star Grant - thank you again, FedEx, for all you do for our community!

     Webelos at work

  Natasha and Marcus Mayton



Posted by Cathy Justis at 10:00 AM