IP and Rhodes College Lend a Hand for Habitat

   Rhodes College student volunteers

Hats off to some hands-on volunteers who worked hard on behalf of our community and its wild places in September.  As part of the United Way Day of Caring, 13 volunteers from International Paper assisted WRC with the Kennedy Park boardwalk project on Sept.17, pitching in to carry and place heavy boards and railroad ties through a wetland area.  Their efforts are a part of a greater effort by Wolf River Conservancy and local advocates to make Kennedy Park a great city park once again.  

Two environmental science classes from Rhodes College- a total of about 40 students - cleared privet at Lovitt Woods on Sept 14 and 15.  The students, led by Dr. Tara Massad, combined a service project with a biodiversity study, returning to Lovitt Woods two weeks later to measure the diversity of plants growing beneath a privet thicket and compare it to an area cleared of privet over a year ago. It is exciting to see more new oaks, hickories, and other native trees and plants sprouting up from the forest floor in the cleared areas.  Every volunteer effort at Lovitt leaves a bit more space for native habitat.

September was a HOT month, but these three groups accomplished a great deal despite the heat. We appreciate it - THANK YOU!!!

    IP volunteers at Kennedy.

  Rhodes College volunteers in front of a pile of cut privet.

Posted by Cathy Justis at 3:19 PM