January 2014: Bald Eagle Courtship


Bald Eagle courtship takes place in the winter and is characterized by dramatic aerial displays and the selection of nest sites.  Wes Hopper  recently saw an Bald Eagle in flight just above the treetops on the Wolf River Greenway.  Maybe one day soon we'll see some eagle nest building, too!   Please let us know if you see a nest or courtship activity; contact Dale or Cathy.

Here's a video showing the courtship flight of a pair of Bald Eagles.

In Tennessee, egg-laying peaks in late February. More eagle nests are seen every year across the state – there were about 175 active nests in 2012.  Eagle experts depend on citizens like you to help them monitor Bald Eagle nests and numbers. If you know the location of an eagle’s nest, please share the information with Scott Somershoe, ornithologist for Tenn. Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA), at (615) 781-6653.

You can also add observations of eagles and other birds to the national database at You don’t have to be an expert, but you can make a real difference by partnering with scientists and other citizens around the world to keep an eye on the natural world!

For more information on the American Bald Eagle, click here.

Posted by Cathy Justis at 3:21 PM