July 2021: A Message from Our Director

Dear Wolf River Conservancy friend,

Our weather patterns during the past few months have been extreme: floods in Europe, unprecedented heat waves on both coasts of our country, drought in the western states. Regardless of the causes for these weather extremes, it’s clear that our world is fragile, and that we are not only part of the natural world but also dependent on it for our survival.

Our conservation work thus remains critical in helping to protect our environment, both locally and globally. The wetlands and floodplains that we have protected along with the acres of trees on these lands, not only benefit our local water resources; they also help to absorb and store carbon dioxide. Capturing carbon is one means of reducing our earth’s rising temperatures.

In fact, land conservation offers a double benefit for the climate. It not only helps absorb greenhouse gases; it also prevents significant greenhouse gas emissions that could result from development which  included deforestation, traditional construction, and the additional driving required by poorly planned growth.

We speak often about the importance of our work in protecting our water quality. This is absolutely true. But the 18.000 acres that the Wolf River Conservancy has protected since 1985 provides many additional environmental benefits, including the storage of carbon.

We have no choice but to adapt to changing weather conditions and to do what we can to keep our world healthy. Your support of the Wolf River Conservancy is one way to do that.

Thanks to you all for your continued support.

Keith Cole

Executive Director

Posted by Cathy Justis at 4:04 PM