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Dear Wolf River Conservancy Partner:

As you review this month’s enews you will read about a diverse array of projects and activities that we have recently offered to the community; this remains an exciting time to be associated with the Wolf River Conservancy. Thanks to all of our WRC contributaries for your continued generous financial support toward our work.

Along with our educational and recreational outreach activities, an important milestone was reached last week toward the development and construction of the Wolf River Greenway Trail. On June 22nd our Construction and Design team received and opened bids for the construction of the Epping Way segment located in the Raleigh community. We are excited to announce that we expect to begin construction on this segment by August 1st, 2016. See the Wolf River Greenway map at this link for more information.

Concurrent with the construction on the Epping Way segment, we expect to advertise and begin accepting construction bids on the John F. Kennedy Park segment with the actual construction starting sometime this fall.  Later in the year, construction bids will be taken for the Mud Island segment.

We expect to complete the remaining Wolf River Greenway Trail segments by late 2019 or early 2020. We know that building the trail is only the beginning; we see its completion as being catalytic and transformational for our community, generating a wide variety of uses and opportunities. Please continue to check our website,, for updates on the progress of the Wolf River Greenway Trail.  

We are all very fortunate to live in a community with so many significant greening initiatives! Thanks for your support.

Keith Cole
Executive Director

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Cycle the Greenway Event Breaks the Record

With over $40,000 raised, 140 cyclists and 12 teams, our 10th Annual Cycle the Greenway event on June 4th exceeded expectations.  Learn More...

Improved River Access at Piperton 

WRC thanks TVA and TWRA for partnering with us to improve the river access at Piperton.  Learn More...

Intern Spotlight: Nathan Campbell

WRC is pleased to introduce Nathan Campbell, who is completing an internship with us this summer.  We asked to him to write about his experience with us so far.  Learn More...

Natural Highlights: Midsouth Ticks

Loved by no one and a fact of life for anyone who spends time outdoors, the four species of ticks common in the Midsouth can transmit a number of dangerous diseases and conditions.  Learn More...

Coming Soon to the Wolf River Greenway

Our energetic and knowledgeable Wolf River Greenway Ambassadors are almost through with their orientation and will be headed out to the Greenway soon!  Learn More...

The Power of Partnership: Two New Ghost River Projects at Bateman 

WRC is proud to announce two important projects resulting from our longstanding partnership with TDEC's Division of Natural Areas.  Learn More...

Save the Date! Greenway Soiree on Nov. 12

The Greenway Soiree will be held at the Opera Memphis in November.  Learn More...

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July 2

Wolf River Clean Up Paddle



July 9

Wolf River Stream Stroll


July 12

Drink a Beer, Save a River  



July 16

Wolf River Clean Up Paddle


July 17

Sunday Afternoon Paddle


July 18

Chris Grow: Bats of the Midsouth


July 28

Drink a Beer, Save a River Beer and Cheese Tasting 


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