Thanks to Intern Elizabeth Austin

My Internship At WRC

(Read Elizabeth's blog about her experience at this link).

My name is Elizabeth Austin and I am a rising high school senior at Hutchison School, and this summer I have had the opportunity to intern at the Wolf River Conservancy for the past two weeks. I sought out this internship because I am very passionate about environmental sustainability/environmental science, so I wanted to be an intern at an organization where conservation was the focus. Over the course of my internship, I have not only gotten the opportunity to obtain a greater understanding of how a non-profit operates, but also I have learned so much about what goes into protecting the land and conserving the river. Along with meeting with staff members to discuss their role at WRC, I have also had the opportunity to survey land, go to lectures, help with a wildlife presentation, and even help with some paddles on Epping Way lake. I have also learned about some of the inner workings of the Conservancy such as how events are planned and budgeted. One of my favorite memories from my internship at WRC was surveying a piece of land with Ryan Hall at Epping Way. Ryan needed to make sure that there was no illegal dumping on a piece of WRC’s property, so we went exploring through the woods, creek, and even a thorn bush to survey the property. Although we had to traverse wild, swampy, and thicketed land, I had the best time exploring and spending time in nature. I also enjoyed helping Cathy Justis, Jim Gafford, and Nick Wiggins teach some kids from Girls Inc. to canoe on the Epping Way lake. I really enjoyed this activity because I not only got to have fun paddling around, but I also got to help these girls try something new and challenge themselves. Overall, I have learned a lot about what conservation of a natural resource looks like within an urban city like Memphis, and I have gotten to see how the Wolf River Conservancy is taking steps toward both protecting the river, and making it an accessible amenity to the communities of Memphis.

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