Natural Highlights: Winter Waterfowl

   Blue-winged Teal

Winter is a wonderful time to look for waterfowl and to appreciate the importance of wetlands large and small in the Mississippi Flyway, the biggest bird migration route in the country. The wetlands of the Wolf River are part of the vast complex of wetlands within the Mississippi River watershed which lies at the heart of the Flyway. Puddle ducks such as Mallards and Blue-winged Teal, diving ducks such as Hooded Mergansers and Ruddy Ducks, Snow and Canada Geese, and many other species depend on wetlands throughout their life cycles, moving south in the winter to find food and back up north to breed in the spring. With binoculars and, preferably, a spotting scope, many species can viewed from roads near flooded fields and lakes. Other species seek smaller, more secluded, wooded wetlands like those found in the Ghost River section of the Wolf River.

For a guide to identifying waterfowl, follow this link from Ducks Unlimited.

Go birding with the Memphis chapter of Tennessee Ornithological Society, a great way to learn to identify waterfowl and other birds.'S&on=



Posted by Cathy Justis at 2:48 PM