Natural Highlights: Indigo Bunting

  Male      Female

Indigo Buntings are in the same family of birds as Northern Cardinals and, though they aren't seen at bird feeders as often, they are equally beautiful  They love weedy fields and shrubby areas near trees. Plenty of this kind of habitat is found along the Wolf River both within the city and outside of it, so that visitors to the Wolf River Greenway or paddlers in the Ghost River section are likely to see the stunning electric blue plumage of the male Indigo Bunting.  Many people naturally confuse it with the more famous American Bluebird pictured below, but it lacks a rosy breast. Our thick forest foliage means that hearing birds is usually easier than seeing them, but the male Indigo Bunting frequent selects a prominent perch from which to sing, and sing he does, all day long - a series of pretty notes usually delivered in couplets. Indigo Buntings are busy raising their young now and can be seen and heard along the length of the Wolf River...but only from May through October.  They will fly south in the fall and spend the winter in Central America and the Caribbean.

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  American Bluebird


Posted by Cathy Justis at 4:16 PM