New River Views Thanks to Chris-Hill Construction


Outstanding donation by Chris-Hill Construction 

The Wolf River Conservancy would like to thank our newest Restoration Series Sponsor, Chris-Hill Construction, for clearing large amounts of invasive privet from the new Wolf River Greenway segment west of Walnut Grove Rd.!

Chris-Hill Construction is no stranger to the Wolf River Conservancy, having completed sections of the Wolf River Greenway through Kennedy Park and along McLean Avenue. Currently Chris-Hill Construction is working on the much-anticipated section of the Wolf River Greenway that will connect the Greenway along Humphreys Boulevard to the Shelby Farms Greenline. While constructing this section, Chris-Hill cleared a large swath of privet along the Greenway through the Lucius Burch State Natural Area dramatically opening views of the forest floor. The adjacent section of the Wolf River Greenway, from Walnut Grove north to the MLGW high-voltage transmission line, also suffered from a tremendous amount of privet that blocked the beautiful views of the Wolf River. In generous fashion, Chris-Hill has donated time and materials, towards clearing the privet on this section of Wolf River Greenway as well. Chinese privet (Ligustrum sinense) is an invasive non-native species that forms a dense thicket creating a monoculture and thereby prevents the growth of native species and reduces the biodiversity of the forest. Check out the before and after pictures of Chris-Hill’s exemplary work.  Chris-Hill Construction has been a great business partner in helping us not only complete the Wolf River Greenway but also in helping us achieve our mission of land protection and restoration. Their donation of this work is a very generous gift.


Posted by Cathy Justis at 9:21 AM