Nutbush Landfill Defeated

Blaylock and Brown withdrew their application for a new landfill in the Nutbush area after a meeting of the Land Use Control Board on Mar. 14th. The wetlands on the property have, for the time being, evaded destruction thanks to the committed efforts of residents in Nutbush, Berclair and surrounding neighborhoods, along with those the Wolf River Conservancy, the Sierra Club, and Protect Our Aquifer.  The opponents of the landfill understood that protecting the wetlands, the floodplain, and recharge areas for groundwater is more beneficial to the community than a new landfill.  Adjacent residents needed every square inch of the floodplain on this property in the huge 2011 flood; some parts of the proposed landfill site were 12 feet underwater in 2011!  Wolf River Conservancy brought forth floodplain and wetland facts and figure, in addition to blatant errors in the applicant’s proposal.  The Conservancy is not opposed to construction and demolition landfills where appropriate, but site location is a critical factor in deciding where to locate them. Ultimately, this is reason this landfill will not come to fruition:  landfills do not belong in floodplain wetlands.  We are thankful of the outcome and will continue to monitor the Wolf River corridor to safeguard its wetlands, its ecological integrity, ands aquifer recharge capacity.

Posted by Cathy Justis at 5:31 PM