October 2020: A Message from Our Director

Do you ever think about the interplay between the arts and conservation?  How art can complement conservation, and how conservation can serve as inspiration, theme, and message for art?  In various forms of creative expression today, there is often an emphasis on the importance of appreciating and protecting our natural world.

Several years ago, when the “Wide Spaces, Open Season” art exhibit was on display at Dixon Gallery and Gardens, I was asked to speak to the connection between the show’s theme of the great outdoors and the conservation mission of the Wolf River Conservancy.

What I learned in my preparation for the presentation was that many of the artists in the show were drawn to their subject and scenes because they recognized that industrialization was threatening the environment and the natural world that the artists lived in.  Sound familiar?

These artists wanted to capture and preserve their vision of the natural world for future generations to appreciate before these landscapes were destroyed – and remember they were living and creating in the late 1700’s thru the 1850’s.

Concern for our environment and the natural world are of course central to the work of the Wolf River Conservancy, and we are excited to be working with some outstanding artists who feel the same way! This year our virtual Greenway Soiree will combine art and conservation by showcasing some amazing artists performing on the Wolf River Greenway.  Participants in our virtual event will be entertained by  New Ballet Ensemble, Opera Memphis, Stax Music Academy, and gifted saxophonist Mark Baker.

You do not want to miss this special evening of unique Memphis entertainment. For more information and to purchase tickets visit

Thanks for your continued support for the Wolf River Conservancy.

Posted by Cathy Justis at 1:47 PM