On the Greenway: Free Community Programs Coming Soon


Beginning June 2021, free community programs will be available to the public along select open sections of the Wolf River Greenway. These one-hour programs led by local instructors will include fitness sessions, free kayak paddling, and educational walks. Our Wolf River Greenway Community Programming will offer Memphians a chance to get fit, have fun, and learn more about the significance of the Wolf River watershed.  We are currently hiring certified local instructors to lead our classes.

The Wolf River Greenway upon completion will be the largest linear green space in the city and will create access to over 853 acres, which is larger in size than Central Park in New York City. Over 180,000 residents, including 36,000 children, live within a 20-minute walk of the trail, so providing a safe, accessible trail and park-like setting for Memphians to enjoy is one goal of the Wolf River Greenway project, and it starts with expanding opportunities of the newly opened segments of the Wolf River Greenway trail to the community.


Posted by Cathy Justis at 4:47 PM