On the Greenway: 370,000 Visitors Annually


July is Parks and Recreation Month! The Wolf River Conservancy is bringing attention to how important it is to rise up and support parks and recreation, because every day, park and recreation professionals rise up for their communities in service of equity, climate-readiness, economic development, and overall health and well-being. In 2019, parks and recreation organizations generated over $2.6 billion dollars’ worth of related economic activity in the state of Tennessee alone.

Parks and recreation spaces such as the Wolf River Greenway are at the center of so many experiences and memories — moments that park and recreation professionals help make happen. Our local parks are often our first experiences in nature, our introduction to a favorite hobby or physical activity. They are places to gather with friends and family, spaces to celebrate life’s special moments, spots of respite and healing, sites that connect us with essential community services and so much more.

The Wolf River Greenway offers 14 miles (to date) of an eventual 26-mile trail for biking, running, walking and more, the Wolf River Conservancy offers a variety of free community recreational programs in the spring and fall. Our Greenway trail sees frequent usage – around 370,000 people per year utilize the open sections for the Wolf River Greenway! Our hats are off to you, for utilizing the Wolf River Greenway for recreation, and to all the parks and recreation professionals around the city, dedicated to making our community spaces better places to visit and experience.

Posted by Cathy Justis at 3:13 PM