On the Greenway: A Preview of the New Bridge


Coming soon to the Wolf River Greenway - a beautiful new bridge over the Wolf River, very similar to the one pictured above!

Phase 14A of the Wolf River Greenway, which is currently under construction, includes a 270-foot cable-stayed bridge over the Wolf River connecting portions of the Greenway on the eastern and western side. The bridge is currently being fabricated in Alabama and will be delivered in 5 sections to be assembled and lifted into place with 2 large cranes. The bridge itself is supported by abutments as well as cables attached to large towers on each end of the bridge.

Chris-Hill Construction has begun work on the abutments and is currently driving the pilings for the abutment foundations. Each abutment foundation will require 15 H-pilings driven approximately 50’ into the ground! These piles are driven into the ground with a large crane and pile driving equipment as seen in the photo below. The steel towers on either end of the bridge will rise 53’ above the walking surface of the trail. These towers will help to hold the bridge up through the use of steel cables attached to the bridge as shown in the plans. If you look to the east as you drive north on I-240 just north of Walnut Grove you can catch a glimpse of the bridge site down the MLGW transmission line easement. The bridge is on schedule to be installed this winter.



Posted by Cathy Justis at 4:04 PM