On the Greenway: Instructors Needed!


The Wolf River Conservancy is looking to hire instructors to lead our free community programming launching this summer along the Wolf River Greenway.  Instructors are needed for fitness classes, nature walks, and paddling outings. Community programming begins Saturday June 5th, and courses are offered on Saturdays until October 16th. Some but not all positions require certification in an associated field. 

Paddle the Greenway – Paddle the Greenway will offer the public ten days to paddle our 10 kayaks and 2 canoes for free on the lake at Epping Way. Paddle Guides will assist users into boats and accompany them out on the water. Paddle sessions are offered at 9, 10 and 11:00 am, two Saturdays a month starting in June. Two positions are available for 2 Saturdays per month, June 5 – October 16. Guides will earn $ 100.00 per Saturday session. Approximate time expected to be spent at Epping Way would be four hours, equating to ~ $ 25.00 per hour. Guides need a kayak or canoe, and either WRC water safety training and certification, or equivalent.

Sweat the Greenway – We are hiring Fitness Instructors to lead 20 one-hour fitness classes of their choice at two Greenway locations, Epping Way and Kennedy Park. These classes are offered every Saturday, June 5 – October 16. Two positions are available, and instructors will earn $100.00 per session taught.  Instructors are required to be certified in their respective field.

Explore the Greenway – We are hiring instructors to lead 20 nature walks along the Greenway. These courses are offered every Saturday, June 5 – October 16. There is one position available for Kennedy Park. Instructors will earn $100.00 per session taught. No certification is necessary, but knowledge of local flora and fauna is required.

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Posted by Cathy Justis at 11:27 AM