Please Welcome Intern Adam Hughes!

Adam Hughes has been working with the Wolf River Conservancy as an intern this summer, helping out in various ways both indoors and outdoors.

"Hello, all!  My name is Adam Hughes. I am a native-born Memphian and a geology graduate from Oregon State University. I want to use my love for the great outdoors to do the best I can to protect the Earth and spread my love for the natural world as much as I can. When I came back to Memphis, I saw an opportunity to apply myself in the local environment by working with the Wolf River Conservancy. So far, it has been a fantastic experience! Wonderful and down-to-earth co-workers. A relaxing working environment with plenty of determination to preserve our glorious southern environment. Fantastic parks with views of the mighty Wolf River! And so many ways to help conserve the natural beauty of the Greenways while enjoying the parks in so many ways (canoeing, hikes, biking, etc.)! I am happy to be a part of Wolf River Conservancy and proud to know that we are doing the best to make Memphis and the Wolf River watershed a happier and greener place to be!"

Posted by Cathy Justis at 11:18 AM