Protected Forever: 26 Wetland Acres


This week we are happy to report the addition of 26 acres to the protected land database in the Wolf River watershed.  The 26-acre wetland property located along the Wolf River Greenway on North Highland Street in the City of Memphis is now protected in perpetuity with a conservation easement.  As a nationally accredited land trust, Wolf River Conservancy has several methods of protecting land. One of them, a conservation easement, typically comes about from a private landowner who volunteers their property to be protected.  The easement details are negotiated between the landowner and the land trust and effectively apply a set of restrictions placed on a property to ensure that its conservation values (wetlands, forest, open spaces, rare species, scenic values, etc.) are protected against conversion to residential/commercial/industrial development, mineral extraction, or other degrading land uses. 

While conservation easements do not provide public access unless explicitly stated, the interest of the public is still served by sustaining the land in a natural state. This easement ensures that these 26-acres will continue to recharge the Memphis Sand Aquifer, provide wetland habitats for waterfowl and other wildlife, and offer a scenic view adjacent to the Wolf River Greenway trail along North Highland Street.  Celebrate with us as we continue to protect land and build out the Wolf River Greenway, which go hand-in-hand.


Posted by Cathy Justis at 10:51 AM