Report from the 2016 Land Trust Alliance Rally


Land Trust Alliance - Rally 2016 - by Ryan Hall, WRC Land Protection Associate

Upon my arrival in Minneapolis, it was 40 degrees colder than in Memphis.  This temperature shock would not be the last surprise at the Land Trust Alliance Rally - the 2016 National Land Conservation Conference - from Oct. 28-30.      .

In the conference sessions, land trusts from across North America shared their successes, difficulties, new findings, and lessons learned.  Just to know that most land trusts face similar circumstances helps us all to become more productive land protectors.  Connectivity of lands is certainly not the only dimension of connectivity important to land conservation.  Connections amongst professionals, between donors/members and their appreciation of the land, water, wildlife, and history are all vitally important to protecting nature’s biodiverse corridors. 

One of the field trips available at the conference was a paddling experience on the Mississippi River. It was amazing how eerily similar the islands and riverbanks were in relation to the Big Muddy down here in the Mid-South - a riverine ecosystem that remains for the most part intact and homogenous down its length.  It is experiences like these that really hit home.  The work that we do along the Wolf River, a tributary to the Mighty Mississippi, helps maintain a system much larger than most of us can fathom.  Furthermore, we can lead by example while learning from others on conserving riparian habitats in the largest connected system on the continent. 

Wolf River Conservancy is proud to be a land trust accredited by the Land Trust Alliance, demonstrating the highest and best practices for conserving land.

Posted by Cathy Justis at 7:29 PM