Results of the Lucius Burch SNA Survey

The purpose of the survey conducted during the fall of 2015 was to provide an opportunity for the general public to weigh in on a proposal to extend a portion of the Wolf River Greenway along the east side of the Wolf River and through the northern unit/landscape of the Lucius Burch State Natural Area.

This is a public opinion survey and not a statistically valid survey, meaning participants were not randomly selected.

1) Survey participants mostly use the LBSNA for mountain bicycling, followed by walking and hiking. They do so primarily on a weekly basis.

2) Survey participants also use the SF Greenline and Germantown section of the Wolf River Greenway on a weekly basis.

3) The majority of survey participants believe that if the Greenline and Greenway were linked in some way that they would make more frequent use of both facilities. By a slight majority (keep in mind the bias in the survey) respondents believe that linking the SF Greenline to the Greenway would also improve their access to Shelby Farms Park.

4) The most important concern regarding the proposed route of the Greenway through the LBSNA comes as no surprise. Survey participants are concerned with how the route impacts the existing mountain biking and hiking trails, followed by impact to existing trees and vegetation. The top four responses all have to do with the way the proposed greenway impacts the LBSNA.

5) The vast majority of survey participants want the Chinese Privet removed from the LBSNA.

6) By a slight majority, survey participants are in favor of constructing the Wolf River Greenway as a proposed boardwalk trail through the LBSNA. Again, given how many responses may have come from one particular group with a stated opposition to the proposal, I find this to be the most interesting conclusion of the survey.

The LBSNA Greenway Survey Results (PDF)

The LBSNA Public Meeting Report (PDF)


Posted by Cathy Justis at 8:54 AM