Rick Darke Launches Lecture Series on June 25th


Rick Darke will launch our 2018 Summer Lecture Series with a program entitled "The Essential Layers of Living Landscapes" at 6:30pm on Monday, June 25th, at Memphis Botanic Garden.

Rick Darke heads RICK DARKE LLC, a Pennsylvania-based consulting firm focused on the design and management of living landscapes. Darke's work is grounded in an observational ethic that blends art, ecology, and cultural geography. Projects include parks, scenic byways, transportation corridors, corporate and collegiate campuses, conservation developments, post industrial brownfields, botanic gardens and residential landscapes.

Darke has studied and photographed North American plants in diverse habitats for nearly 40 years, and this experience is reflected in his articles and books including The American Woodland Garden: Capturing the Spirit of the Deciduous Forest and The Living Landscape: Designing for Beauty and Biodiversity in the Home Garden (co-authored with Doug Tallamy).  A broadly knowledgeable botanist and horticulturist, Darke has traveled extensively in both hemispheres exploring diverse ecologies and cultural landscapes in search of ideas to enrich the global garden. He is an internationally recognized authority on the use of grasses in designed gardens and managed wildscapes and his book The Encyclopedia of Grasses for Livable Landscapes is the world's most complete single reference on the topic. Believing that managed wildness will play an increasing role in tomorrow's urban and suburban landscapes, Darke worked with Timber Press to introduce William Robinson's classic work to a new generation of gardeners. The Wild Garden: Expanded Edition places Robinson's work in modern ecological context and illustrates its continuing relevance. Click here for a video on wild gardens produced by Darke.  

Darke's own garden, made with Melinda Zoehrer, his wife and co-horticulturist, comprises 1.5 acres in the rolling piedmont of Landenberg, Pennsylvania, and features locally native and adapted plants and regional relics. The garden has served has a living laboratory for more than a quarter century. It has been published in Horticulture Magazine, Delaware Today magazine, in Ken Druse's award-winning books The Collector's Garden (1996) and Ken Druse: A Passion for Gardening (2003, co-authored with Adam Levine), in Fine Gardening Magazine, December 1998, The American Gardener , May-June 1999, in the July-August 1999 issue of HGTV Ideas: The Magazine of Home and Garden Television , and in Peg Streep's Spiritual Gardening: Creating Sacred Space Outdoors. The garden was featured in the September 2000 issue of The Garden (The Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society) and in a May 2007 New York Times article by Anne Raver. Darke's work with deciduous forest ecology, stewardship, and landscape design was featured on Ketzel Levine's National Public Radio program.  Click here for the NPR link including full audio.   The September 2008 issue of Gardens Illustrated includes an interview with Rick Darke by John Hoyland, with photography by Charlie Hopkinson. 



Posted by Cathy Justis at 10:18 PM