Service Projects: Thanks to Students and Volunteers!

The Wolf River Conservancy provides opportunities for volunteers and students to participate in hands-on conservation, restoring and improving habitat in a variety of ways.  We wish to thank everyone who came out to lend a hand on the following recent service projects!

March 24, Fourth Saturday Service Project at the Mud Island Greenway: Trash removal

April 13, Buckman Volunteers at Springdale Elementary:  planting, weeding and mulching, painting raised beds.


April 19, FedEx Cares Volunteers at Lucius Burch trailhead, Shelby Farms Park FedEx 5 Star Project - privet removal, weeding of pollinator beds, painting, mulching, re-installation of bat house.  Special thanks to bat expert Chris Grow of GrowEco, Inc. for leading the bat house installation effort!

     Chris with a bat in hand.

April 18, Kingsbury High School Garden Club at Kingsbury High: weeding and preparation for growing season of a variety of native trees, shrubs, and flowers.


April 20, Kirby High School students at Epping Way property:  Bradford Pear tree and privet removal, pruning, first visit to new section of Wolf River Greenway.


Posted by Cathy Justis at 12:22 PM