Students from Rhodes Investigate Lovitt Woods


As part of an environmental science course under Dr. Graham Tuttle, two groups of Rhodes College students visited WRC's Lovitt Woods property on Sept. 6 and 7. Their objective was to compare the woody plant diversity of an area infested with invasive privet with an area which had been cleared of large privet about two years ago. The students identified and counted all small woody plants in 1 sq.meter plots, first in the cleared area, then in a privet thicket, writing everything down so they could crunch the numbers later and calculate indices of biodiversity and species richness.  We'll post their findings next month.

They will return to Lovitt Woods in early October to complete a service project - also a class requirement.  The plan is to clear more privet!


  A young hickory tree in an area cleared of privet.

  Molly Antoon and the squirrel skull she found!

Posted by Cathy Justis at 12:58 PM