Thank You to Our Lausanne Interns!


Last week, Lausanne Collegiate School sent a group of 10 students entering their sophomore year to spend four mornings in a row learning from and working with the staff of Wolf River Conservancy.  They spent their first morning in air-conditioned comfort, listening to a series of presentations about the Wolf River and WRC's work, in addition to reviewing the WRC website and brainstorming ideas for improved outreach to young people.  The rest of the week was spent outdoors working at three different locations, the Lucius Burch trailhead area, Kennedy Park, and Lovitt Woods.  To say that it was hot outside really fails to convey the miserable combination of high heat and humidity that Midsoutherners know all to well, but these kids nonetheless did everything that was asked of them and more!  They weeded the pollinator beds which now look much better, picked up trash by the river, helped construct the Kennedy Park wetland boardwalk, and left behind large piles of cut privet, an invasive plant, at both Kennedy Park and Lovitt Woods. The Lausanne group made a difference for our community by improving natural habitat, and furthering our recreation and education projects.  We applaud their hard work and good humor under difficult conditions!

WRC wishes to thank all of the participating interns: Jordan Brown, Olivia Hettinger, Jason Reed, William Giles, Ana Lachica, Maria-Pia Bonnot, Andrew Calkins, Jenny Rogers, Elana Scharff, Jalen Denton.  Many thanks also to Rachel Markovitz, the Lausanne teacher who took time off from teaching French to accompany the students, and to the staff and administrators of Lausanne Collegiate School.






Posted by Cathy Justis at 4:53 PM