Great Work at Epping Way by Intern Russell Palmer!


Rhodes College students have on many occasions been a big help to Wolf River Conservancy. It’s likely that no other Rhodes student has accomplished more than Russell Palmer.  Beginning in the fall of 2019, after working with Conservancy staff to craft a worthwhile project for the Rhodes College Day Scholar program, Russell has persevered through the pandemic to create an educational native plant demonstration garden with materials built to withstand public use and maintenance, construct a wide gravel trail to the historic metal cowboy from the property’s days as a country club, and coordinate with Memphis Botanic Garden on arboretum plaques (soon to be installed) for the diverse species of trees along the Greenway at Epping Way. Russell successfully led a multi-faceted project that involved much planning and cooperation under extraordinary circumstances, coordinating with friends, family, and other volunteers to complete all of the necessary work. 

Russell is now a Rhodes College graduate and is fulfilling his ROTC duty. Russell, we hope that your experience enhancing the Wolf River Greenway and advancing our educational mission at Epping Way serves you well in your future ventures. Thank you so much to Russell and to all Rhodes College students for contributing so much time and effort to serve our community!

Posted by Cathy Justis at 9:39 AM