Thanks to WRC Intern Thornton Brooksbank

Meet recent Wolf River Conservancy intern Thornton Brooksbank:

My name is Thornton Brooksbank. I attended Memphis University School before moving on to pursue a Bachelor of Science at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. While there I majored in Earth Sciences and Environmental Science. I have always had a great passion for understanding the natural world around us and how it came to be. I find geology in particular to be a subject of constant fascination and opportunity to find solutions that can help to make Memphis and the world be abetter place to live.

I recently concluded an internship at the Wolf River Conservancy working under Land Protection Associate, Ryan Hall. While working with Ryan I learned a myriad of invaluable skills and knowledge pertaining to the protection of wetlands in proximity the Wolf River. While working in the field, I was taught how to conduct site investigations using GPS positioning for yearly monitoring of property under protection of the Wolf River Conservancy. I also learned about the identification various trees and shrubs that inhabit the Midsouth in relation to their preferred living environments. In the office at Wolf River Conservancy I learned the basics of a complex but highly useful mapping software known as ArcGIS. Using ArcGIS and GPS tracking from site investigations, we developed maps used in the completion of site investigation reports. My work under Ryan at the Wolf River Conservancy has been a remarkable learning experience and I am very grateful for everything I have
learned during my time there.

Posted by Cathy Justis at 10:17 PM