Cornerstone Property Expands Protection for Wetlands

The Cornerstone Property, located off Bateman Road in Fayette County, is the final scenic stretch of the Ghost River section of the Wolf River before the take-out at the Bateman Bridge. This property represents the cornerstone of the Wolf River Conservancy mission – conservation, education and recreation – and includes the following highlights:

  • The property includes both sides of the Wolf River channel
  • Contains a rare plant community 
  • Beautiful wetlands supporting many species of birds, fish, amphibians, mussels and other species
  • Increases access for paddlers, anglers and hunters
  • Outdoor education hub in Fayette County

The Cornerstone Property includes a large population of a very rare wetland plant, the Bouquet Mudplantain, found in only three or four places in Tennessee, two of them in the Ghost River section of the Wolf.  This beautiful plant is threatened by the encroachment of an exotic invasive plant, and ongoing management will be required to ensure its survival.  These efforts would not be possible without first protecting the Bouquet Mudplantain's habitat.  (For more information, use this link).

And, of course, wetlands provide numerous ecosystem services beyond their role as critical habitat for wildlife.  Wetlands are the most productive ecosystems on earth, with an abundance of microbes and plants which can mitigate pollution and trap sediment, thus improving water quality. Oxygen-poor wetland soils are especially good at storing carbon, in addition to the carbon storage function of the wetland trees and plants.  Wetlands can store huge amounts of water, helping to control floods as well as providing protection from droughts. Here in the Midsouth, our wetlands often recharge our drinking water aquifer, making their protection a priority for creating a sustainable future.

Your ongoing generosity and commitment allow us to conserve critical lands like the Cornerstone Property and other lands within the Wolf River watersheds which help to protect our water and wildlife, to build out the remaining Wolf River Greenway trail, to connect both youth and adults to the Wolf River through environmental education and to share the beauty of the Wolf River through paddling, hiking and biking.  To support the protection of the Cornerstone Property and the mission of the Wolf River Conservancy to protect and enhance the Wolf River watershed as a sustainable natural resource, please use this link.  


Posted by Cathy Justis at 2:06 PM