Volunteer Spotlight: Eileen Sojourner

 by Dale Sanders

Eileen Sojourner has been an active volunteer WRC River Guide for nearly three years, serving as Lead River Guide on several Ghost River Section trips. In addition to her help on paddling trips, however, it is Eileen's behind-the-scenes work on WRC River Guide Steering Committee which has so often made it possible for WRC to offer the programs which are now enjoyed by many. When volunteers are needed for booth staffing, tree planting and other community support program Ellen is also just a telephone call away, always willing to lend a hand with a smile.

I first met Eileen on the banks of the Wolf River with her husband Jeff as we approached the uppermost navigable bridge on the Wolf River at Highway 72 in Mississippi.  From that day forward she has been a dedicated WRC volunteer. You can follow Eileen on some of her adventures on the WRC Facebook page.  Thanks Eileen, for all you do!!!  We appreciate it more than you know.

Posted by Cathy Justis at 1:28 PM