Volunteer Spotlight: Isaiah Allen


Isaiah Allen joined the WRC River Guide Training Program on August 7, 2014. His “can do” attitude and hard work in a number of different WRC programs resulted in full River Guide Certification this past December - a record time for certification! This year alone, he has already led two on-river programs and has signed up to lead four additional trips by year’s end. He has voluntarily worked in five WRC information booths, participated in outdoor research programs and paddled in two river training events, the Full Moon Paddle Training Program and Campsite Exploration on the Mississippi River. In short, Isaiah is a valued and trusted volunteer with the WRC Outreach Department.
A real “River Angel,” Isaiah has been instrumental in developing support to downriver paddlers passing through Memphis on the Mississippi River. Volunteer shuttle service, overnight accommodation, and administrative support have all been part of his involvement in the River Angel Program. Thank you, Isaiah, for everything you do!



Posted by Cathy Justis at 12:39 PM