Volunteer Spotlight: Jim Strickland

Jim Strickland, our latest certified WRC River Guide, has quickly gained the respect of the other guides and participating paddlers. Since early 2015, he has been one of our most trusted, stable volunteers, lending a helping hand both on paddle trips and with other WRC projects whenever he can.  Jim has participated in seven events already, including our first Polar Wolf Plunge on January 1.  He was one of only seven individuals who entered the water at Bateman Road bridge while 20 other individuals warmed themselves by the fire.

Jim's has a quiet demeanor and watchful, observant eyes which create a sense of security in those around him. From his years of professional training with the Memphis Fire Department, he has developed a safety-oriented attitude which carries into his guide duties and sets a high standard for everyone else.  Jim is an active trainer, recertifying guides in CPR, developing on-river first aid procedures, and working to standardize first aid kit contents that can be used most effectively by paddlers. His focus on safety training and procedures is crucial in fine tuning the skills of fellow guides and trainees to prepare them to safely guide trips on the Wolf River.

Hats off to our own Jim Strickland, we salute you as our WRC Volunteer River Guide for the month April 2016!

Posted by Cathy Justis at 12:01 PM