Volunteer Spotlight: Sandy Stacks

Sandy Stacks started paddling blue moons ago. She is a charter member of the Wolf River Conservancy River Guide program, having been certified with the first group of paddlers before the existing program was formalized. Since she has since always remained current by attending certification programs, attending annual training and specialty programs. She not only leads WRC on river programs but Bluff City Canoe Club (BCCC) trips as well. Sandy has been an active member of the Canoe Club for over 36 Years, has held several offices, including the office of Club President. Sandy was one of the volunteers who helped raise finds to purchase the Beasley Property which is now the south bank of the Ghost Section.

Sandy regularly volunteers in a number of WRC activities.  You're likely to find her on the river, especially in programs designed for youth, at event booths, lending a hand building boat launch facilities, cleaning trash from the river or helping with food preparation on special occasions. Says Sandy, "I like slow easy trips, paddling at a slow pace so I can enjoy --- and look around..."This is especially true in 'misty' conditions." Her favorite activity this past paddle season was the "Froggy Paddle” involving youth, and her favorite place on the Wolf River is the Ghost Section, so named because the river channel slows and seems to disappear.  Fishing is a passion Sandy has had for years and with her recent purchase of the perfect paddlers' angling canoe, we believe fishing will play a more prominent role in her future endeavors.

Sandy also volunteers her talents for Great Outdoor University which provides outdoor activities or inner-city youth. She is a certified Master Gardner.


Posted by Cathy Justis at 2:50 PM