Volunteers Make a Difference on Oct. 24th

National Make a Difference Day on Sat., Oct. 24th started out rainy and wet, but some hardy volunteers were not to be deterred!


Over 20 brave people including volunteers from Clean Memphis, Memphis Business Academy and WRC, worked in wet conditions to help clean the floodplain of the Wolf River at N. Watkins St. in Memphis on Saturday. A few parents even brought their children out to see the negative impacts illegal dumping has on a community. 100 tires and several bags full of trash were removed from the forested landscape.The event was educational for everyone in other ways, too, with a tree frog hopping through, seemingly thanking the group for cleaning up its home. Within one of the tires was a mother crayfish who had made her home in the protective confines of the rubber circle. Needless to say, that tire was left where it was for the time being. The resilience of wildlife in urban areas is often surprising!.


Out east, five volunteers worked hard at preparing beds and planting more pollinator habitat at the Lucius Burch trailhead parking lot, putting in milkweed, coreopsis, coneflower, little bluestem, and other native plants.  Shelby Farms staff worked on putting up permanent fencing for the two established beds at the same time. The new beds are now mulched and flagged, awaiting next year's bees and butterflies. 


On Friday, Oct. 23rd, Buckman and WRC staff joined forces to clean up N. McLean between Chelsea and James Rd., collecting many bags of trash and several tires, too.  The group kept at it in spite of the rain that began during the event, finishing up a bit soggy but satisfied with a job well done.

Posted by Cathy Justis at 6:34 PM