Volunteers Step Up in January

  Andrew and Mallory Halliburton

40 volunteers including Buffalo Soldiers, MPD officers, and staff from the Shelby County District Attorney General's office, worked at Kennedy Park on the Martin Luther King Day of Service on Jan.16th.   Thanks again to Wayne Roberts for his continued assistance in leading our Kennedy Park projects!

Andrew and Mallory Halliburton - a father-daughter team -  enthusiastically cleared privet at the Lucius Burch trailhead on Jan. 28th, which turned out to be a beautiful day for working outside. Thanks to the repeated efforts of volunteers, this area is looking much more welcoming for young oak trees and other native species.  Thanks again to Andrew and Mallory for their hard work!

     MLK Day volunteers

 Progress at Lucius Burch trailhead area

Posted by Cathy Justis at 3:41 PM