WRC partners with TVA and TWRA to Improve Piperton River Access

In support of the Wolf River Conservancy mission, we are continually working to improve access to the Wolf River. We are pleased to share with you that the river access at Piperton has been greatly improved through WRC's collaboration with the Tennessee Valley Authority and Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, with a much enlarged and newly gravelled parking area and a much safer river entry point.

The Piperton access point is located at Hwy 196 in Piperton. If you are paddling from Rossville, Piperton provides a take out point after approximately 6.5 mile. Or if you choose to put in at Piperton, the take-out at Collierville Arlington Road appears after a short paddle of about 3.5 miles.

WRC is currently working on other projects to improve more access points along the Wolf River.

Our gratitude to the Tennessee Valley Authority and the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency for their support of our mission to conserve and enhance the Wolf River watershed.

Posted by Cathy Justis at 12:52 PM