Greenway Community Programming Pauses for Summer

As the Wolf River Conservancy continues to build out the 26-mile Wolf River Greenway trail, we are committed enhancing the trail experience for users by offering educational and recreational programming along the 14 miles of trail currently open to the public. These programs are free to attend, and all equipment is provided to eliminate any financial barrier to participation.  We began offering these opportunities in the summer of 2021, and over 650 people joined our instructors to paddle, explore, and exercise along the Wolf River Greenway.

Feedback from these pilot events helped us to create our programs for 2022.  We have just wrapped up the spring season, taking a break from the summer heat until programs return in the fall. We are pleased to report that over 250 people have participated in our community programs so far this year. Thank you so much to our dedicated instructors and everyone who came out to learn from them!. We hope you can beat the summertime heat and  join us again when programming returns in the relative cool of fall.

Posted by Cathy Justis at 2:37 PM